In 1970 whilst living at Glebe Place, I photographed, with a bit of help from my father . A performance exhibition by Gilbert and George at the Nigel Greenwood Gallery (Glebe Place, London SW3 ). I was amazed by what art was and my fascination began!

At school I studied TD ( technical drawing ), I was astonished by geometry especially bisecting a line to always get half way mark without using maths.

I grew up with Stella, Noland, Paolozzi and Caulfield paintings, as my parents had collected these artists over the years. Their use of colour and symmetry were to become strong influences in my work over the years.

2001 – Moved to France, this started working with outside plumbing/underground pipework and general plumbing. I became fascinated with the pipe work and diagrams and tried to use them in my art.

Glebe Place Glebe Place
My first photograph aged 4! My first photograph aged 4!
Claes Oldenburg Claes Oldenburg
Technical Drawing Technical Drawing
Kenneth Noland Kenneth Noland
Frank Stella Frank Stella
Patrick Caulfield Patrick Caulfield
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi Sir Eduardo Paolozzi
Colour and Chaos Colour and Chaos
Central Heating Diagram Central Heating Diagram
Orlando Campbell Orlando Campbell
Venn Diagrams Venn Diagrams